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Chaska is an organization dedicated to the creation, design and sale of hand-crafted alpaca jewelry and handmade Peruvian accessories. "Chaska" means "star" in Quechua, the native language of the Andes. We work directly with Peruvian artisans who create fabulous works from indigenous items of the Andean highlands of Peru. Chaska International was established in Cusco in 2009. We began, not as a profit motivated company, but as concerned people focusing on the welfare of the artisan supporting their families.  Chaska International, LLC and Chaska Alpaca are now a united effort of Peruvian artisans near Machu Picchu and in the mountain outskirts of Cusco, the old Inca capital.

Gumercindo Hancco: The first artisan we began to work with. Mr. Hancco loves his artwork and spends many hours in his one room shop fulfilling orders for Chaska and other tourist companies in Cusco. Chaska is the first company outside of Peru which "Gumby" has had the opportunity to share his creations. He is the father of 3 children. Rosa Hancco, his wife, helps "Gumby" by getting the material to create the jewels. She travels many miles from coast to hills to find the stones and shells. The Hancco family lives in suburbs of Cusco.

Willy Llamoca: Our second artisan lives and works in the heart of the busy city of Cusco. Willy not only works for Chaska, but also designs lovely pieces of jewelry for customers in Spain and Italy. Willy also works out of a small shop and involves his family to create magnificent pieces for Chaska.

Maria Tito Orporto: Runs our alpaca line from her house in Cusco. She assures that each of our gorgeous handmade accessories is knit with care. She hand-attaches our alpaca labels individually. Maria is the mother of 3 boys, a fantastic teacher and is the nucleus of our alpaca production. Maria has been with Chaska from its commencement in 2009.

Chaska International unites people, works to ensure they receive stable, fair income and enables them to carry on family traditions. Chaska also works to preserve indigenous culture through the creation of jewelry and accessories made by hand.

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